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A Way With Words – The Ease Of Self Publishing

Those of us who write are seldom lost for words, or care to admit admit that we are.  I suspect most people who write blogs fall into this category. The question remains however, just what to do with these words … Continue reading

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The Age Of Dead Trees, dead?

While the impact of digital technologies upon newspapers in their printed form is well known, the future for printed magazines is also looking a lot less rosy. John Bigg’s review in Crunch Gear shows that New Yorker‘s iPad version has … Continue reading

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Most Boring Photo Above 30,000 Feet

I recall attending a party in the early 1980’s where the theme was “The Most Boring Slide Evening”. Revellers were encouraged to sort through their carousels of kodachrome tranparencies and select slides that fitted certain categories. My favourite was in … Continue reading

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