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Singapore’s Top 100 People To Know – Nice To Be One Of Them

Nice to be identified as one of the “Singapore’s Top 100 People to Know Online“, a list compiled by Sparkah Business Strategy. Just goes to show that all of that tweeting and blogging over the years sometimes pays off in recognition … Continue reading

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Internet Usage Predictions for this Year

Although we are nearly two months in to 2012 it is interesting to note that some are predicting global internet growth of more than 3% this year.  In the past five years internet usage has grown a whopping 121% showing just how reliant we are on it in our … Continue reading

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Taking Flight

The all-pervasive Google has ventured forth once again, this time providing a travel tool which no doubt has ambitions of future world domination.  When Google bought ITA Software, a Cambridge, Massachusetts flight information software company, for $700 million, it was a … Continue reading

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