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When A + is Not A Plus

It would seem that receiving a +1 on Google Plus is no great benefit in raising your profile in Google’s search rankings. As a social metric the number of +1’s you receive may be heart warming but doesn’t mean that you will be discovered … Continue reading

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Should Your SEO Guru Vacate Their Throne?

If you have been religiously over-hyping your keyword content in the hope of getting a higher search ranking then Google’s recent’s pronouncements should be of concern. Google is working on making SEO matter less important, or to put it another … Continue reading

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Are Search Engine Ranking Pages Becoming Irrelevant?

If you felt secure in the knowledge that your web site ranked on the front page of Google or Bing search results and would therefore result in click-throughs, think again. A recent survey from Slingshot clearly demonstrates that users are now far less inclined to click … Continue reading

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