Pinning To Twitter

If you have plunged into pinning on Pinterest then you will not doubt be considering how you can spread Pinterest content seamlessly to your Twitter account.

This is not as difficult as it might first sound.  Fortuitously a minor tweaking of the URL address of a Pinterest board is all that is required.  Each has its own web address (URL) and these end with a forward slash ( / )

Each Board has its own distinctive URL.

Step One: Change this URL address into that of an RSS feed simply by removing the forward slash ( / ) and replacing it with .rss

Step Two: Copy this new URL address and check it by pasting it into the address bar of an IE browser.

The RSS Feed will look something like this

Step Three:
 Now use this new URL address to set up an automatic RSS feed into your twitter account.  There are two free options that you might care to use –  Hootsuite or Twitterfeed. My personal preference is Twitterfeed, as Hootsuite is restricted to just two RSS feeds in their free account option.

Notes: If you want to promote your entire Pinterest activity rather than an individual board then misplay add the prefix feed.rss after the URL e.g.

Sign into the twitter account that you want the RSS feed to appear in before opening either Twitterfeed or Hootsuite; use a new window for either of these two platforms.

Step Four: Here is the Twitterfeed process after you have logged in.

Name your feed and add the RSS- test it then go to Step 2

So now you have created a cross between a ‘Pin’ and a ‘Tweet’ –  a ‘Peet’ perhaps?

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Roger Smith is a retired international, digital consultant and former British Council Director of Online Operations within the East Asia region.
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