Social Commerce Psychology

There are six universal heuristics or learning methods that have been seen in shoppers and are now being seen in social commerce according to studies by psychologists.

Or as Paul Marsden of Socialcommercetoday puts it, “Understanding why it makes commercial sense to help people to connect where they buy and buy where they connect provides businesses with a strategic advantage; the opportunity to reap the rewards of a powerful insight-led social commerce strategy,  as opposed to merely deploying social commerce as a set of tactical tools.”

Summarised these heuristics are as follows:

  1. Social Proof
    The Rule: ‘Follow the Crowd’
  2. Authority
    The Rule: ‘Follow the Authority’
  3. Scarcity
    The Rule: ‘Scarce Stuff is Good Stuff’
  4. Liking
    The Rule: ‘Follow those You Like’
  5. Consistency
    The Rule: ‘Be Consistent’
  6. Reciprocity
    The Rule: ‘Repay Favours’

This infographic from TabJuice illustrates the above:


About thedigitalconsultant

Roger Smith is a retired international, digital consultant and former British Council Director of Online Operations within the East Asia region.
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