The Millenials – Happy To Share

Perhaps best known by their previous moniker GenerationY, the Millennials are confident, connected and open to change according to Pew Internet Research. So who are they?

They are teenagers and those in their twenties who are starting to experience the realities of adulthood.  Their liberal values make them receptive to change and new experiences.  In the States their ethnic and racial diversity is more pronounced than previous previous generations and they are the best educated.

They are also avid users of social media and recent research Facebook and Twitter indicates that they do not intend to change their online sharing habits.

Online 29% of those polled thought they would grow out of “their use of social networks, multiplayer online games and other time-consuming, transparency-engendering online tools“.

The Millenials willingness to remain as ambient broadcasters as they age is good news for digital marketers as they will continue to disclose personal information through their online networking and this will drive strategy.

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About thedigitalconsultant

Roger Smith is a retired international, digital consultant and former British Council Director of Online Operations within the East Asia region.
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