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What’s Hanging On The Vine?

Well not very much really.  As most people know Twitter recently launched its video clip service – Vine. To quote their blog “a new mobile service that lets you create and share beautiful, short looping videos. With Vine, capturing life … Continue reading

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Going Down The ‘Googla’ – Bottom of the List For Sharing Stories

Google claims 170m Google+ users but other reports have said it is a ghost town, so what is the truth? Findings released appear to confirm the latter – despite its large number of accounts the platform is bottom of the … Continue reading

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Irradiated Swamp Rat BBQ’s and The Demise Of Google+

This somewhat irreverent infographic contains some sobering facts. Based on current data it is unlikely that Google is getting a good return on its investment in its social networking platform, Google+. As with all “Johnny Come Lately’s” it is difficult to grab market share and move people … Continue reading

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