Apps, ‘Appless And The Great Unwashed

If you think you are going to make your fortune by producing an app and selling it to the multitudes consider this: out of the thousands of apps available, the average mobile user tends to only use between 22 and 28 apps a month.

App UseSource: Statista “Chart of the Day”

Research has shown that young users (18-24) spend more time using apps which comes as little surprise, but they use fewer on average than the 25-34 age group.

Earlier in 2014 comScore released statistics that showed social media apps as being the most popular –  Facebook, YouTube and Gmail.

App Use

2013 produced a similar result (see below).

Apps 2013

Most popular smartphone apps in the United States in 2013

Source: Statista “Chart of the Day”

But if you are thinking of developing an App and want to know what type of app people are interested in, take a look at AppBrian Stats which lists the top Android searches.

Music, hacking and password breaking apps figured prominently when I last looked which speaks volumes (if you’ll excuse the pun) for the use of apps in general.

Top  Android searches over the last two weeks

Top Android searches over the last two weeks

Perhaps the final word on Apps and the pervasive nature of their use in society are the recent findings from a Bank of America study.

Apparently mobile phone users would rather give up alcohol, television or chocolate than lose the use of their mobile devices. 47% of U.S. consumers are so wedded to their smartphones that they couldn’t last a day without them.

The bank also found that there folk use their mobile banking apps to “perform more sophisticated transactions, such as mobile check deposit” while the younger set would rather forgo using deodorant or toothbrushes than lose the use of their smartphone.

Perhaps it would be wise never to mingle in a crowd of young smartphone users if you are fastidious about personal hygiene!

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Today’s Comic – Deleting Facebook


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Not Another Brick In The Wall – A Lesson For All Brand Managers In A Digital World

The leaked internal report from the New York Times details the digital health of the publication and has a number of pointers that any brand manager should be taking note of.

Cultural change seems to be one of the main challenges; a not unfamiliar scenario for many traditional media companies.  Unless this change takes place the NYT faces a dire future.

The newsroom is challenged to expand and engage its audience through discover, promotion and connection.  Their task is not made any easier by “a cadre of editors who remain unfamiliar with the web.”

Overall it is an alarming indictment of a traditional company that has thus far failed to adapt to the expectations and opportunities of the digital age.

This chart sums up at a glance how new media publications such as the Huffington Post and Buzzfeed have captured the market at the expense of the NYT and other traditional companies.

To quote the report: “The very first step … should be a deliberate push to abandon our current metaphors of choice — ‘The Wall’ and ‘Church and State’ — which project an enduring need for division. Increased collaboration, done right, does not present any threat to our values of journalistic independence.

It is not possible to do justice to the full content of the NYT document in this blog post, but it is worth reading in its entirety. Their action strategy clearly details what needs to be done to turn the NYT around and will be applicable for many businesses struggling to adapt to a rapidly changing digital world.

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